bayou darts darts

It was February 22 (a.k.a. 222, and National Margarita Day) and Steve and Marina decided to go out to sushi for dinner that night at a nearby Japanese restaurant. After some delicious sushi-ing, they came home and decided to have a night in playing games and watching movies. The wedding episode of Parks & Recreations was still on their DVR so they decided to finally watch it. It was a 2-part episode in which Leslie Knope wore a ridiculously amazing wedding dress which was put together in a matter of minutes and included newspaper clippings. That silly Leslie! Anyways, so after the first half hour, Steve suddenly decided it was Monopoly time. Marina thought it was a bit odd how excited and persistent Steve was to play, but she couldnt say no to Monopoly.

Upon seeing the board, Marina was in disbelief since all the streets she once knew have now been renamed and replaced with pictures from their relationship. As she studied the board, Steve was taking something out of the bag of Monopoly pieces.

Which piece do you wanna be? He said.

After a pause, Steve said "There's a new custom piece, and it's a ring!" Marina looked up from the board and saw Steve standing there holding a ring in his hands. After about ten minutes of sqeaking, she finally said YES!

Later she found out, the board was actually made with the help of our awesome friend Nicole, pictured in the lower right of the page. Steve had sent her photos to use, and she put it all together herself and shipped it over from Florida. We thank her so much for doing this! If anyone needs a board made, she's available ;)

Marina had no idea any of this was going on obviously, and was very surprised and excited it happened this way. It meant a lot to her that it was done in a very personal way with just the two of them around. They both couldn't wait to tell everyone the happy news!