The Story of the Bayou in Manayunk

bayou darts steve and marina

One day in April, Marina decided to go to the Bayou in Manayunk, per her friends' suggestion because a hockey game was on TV there that night. They found a seat upstairs and the boys proceeded to talk about sports. Meanwhile directly in front of them were 3 guys playing darts. Marina immediately noticed one of the guys because of his awesome faux-hawk and they made eye contact.

A few minutes later, the cute faux-hawk boy came over and asked Marina to play darts because their co-ed dart team was missing their regular player, as well as their back-up girl.

Will you play darts on our team?

Marina, bored with all the sports talk of her company, immediately agreed and was very excited to play. She found out the boy's name was Steve. She had a great time talking to him and his friends, and their team won every game that night! By the end of the night it was obvious they both liked each other, and she offered to fill in for their darts player again since she lived just down the street. They exchanged numbers, and even though the following week their regular player showed up, she still came and cheered them on.

Since then, they've both perfected their darts playing technique and are now getting married! The Bayou will always hold a special place in their hearts, and they make sure to make an appearence there each anniversary day.